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 Come and join us in our Facebook groups  (top right Fspace and Fteens) –  you will meet some wonderful people – we have fun! :)


Hi my name is Bella –  a very warm welcome to the website. Firstly let me apologise if you have had a delay in your membership being accepted – we have a lot of spam requests and are working on how to fix this, but it may mean a delay in registration.  

MEspace is a site for the sufferers (all ages) of  ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  It is a place where people from around the world who have ME/CFS can come together and enjoy artwork, written material, songs, instrumental pieces and videos, and make friends.

There is a Create! section with the Artzone for doodles, the Gallery for uploading your paintings, drawings and creative photography, the Words section for short stories, poems, riddles and jokes, and Music to watch and upload.



There are Games to play, Videos to watch and upload, and a Blog for anyone to share thoughts. There is also  a Pets Page for photos of those who comfort us most. For friendship we have Chit Chat and links to our Facebook  groups. Please register before you contribute, and let us know your nationality.   All material will be checked first before it is displayed.

We look forward to welcoming you and hope you enjoy your MEspace xx




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