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The Christmas doodle poster !


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Isnt it just fabulous?!!!  This is a truly beautiful collection of Christmassy doodles – thank you so much to everyone who contributed – it is really stunning and I shall be incredibly proud taking it around Brighton.

It will be put up in the hospitals and surgeries, in shops and cafes, the Dome and Corn Exchange (hopefully) – and in the Christmas Open Houses.  These are all the places the previous posters have been displayed.  They have attracted great attention and admiration and huge kindness towards people with ME.



 The copy is for ME Awareness and reads:


 ME or CFS is a devastating chronic neurological illness recognised by the World Health Organisation, that affects 28 million people worldwide.  The symptoms are similar to the severest flu; extreme disabling fatigue, joint and muscle pain, sore throat, gastric disturbances and disordered sleep to name a few.  There is no know cause and no known cure.  Severely affected people can be in bed for years in a darkened bedroom, unable to move and in intense pain.  They call it a ‘living death’.  The isolation is terrible.

Studies have shown that ME/CFS can be as or more debilitating than Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, COPD, Heart failure, late-stage AIDS and ‘end-stage’ Renal failure.  Although it is labelled ‘the invisible illness’ and people with ME appear to be functioning normally, if a little tired, the truth is they are suffering hugely on a daily basis.  Please recognise this and understand their tremendous  courage and endurance.  This is what ME Awareness is.  Thank you.

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